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Oh Heck: 24 August 2014, 2330 hrs local

     Working back towards the correct time of the weekend to update? Well, here's within the window by 30 minutes; that's where to start, right?
More of a rant or whatever to follow after I push this update so-as to make the deadline.
2345 hrs local
Okay, now that I've made the deadline (...ish) I can continue describing my thoughts for this update. To start off with, it's still a little rough because I overslept today by accident so I haven't had as much time to refine it; I'll be getting to that within the next couple of days. I need to do some more work anyway in refining my process by making icons for the Archives page links on account of the fact that I currently feature a link to the originals which each take awhile to load. I know better, I just put it off until later a couple too many times.
I thought about different ways to work the timestamp on this comment; mostly the only reason I timestamped the continuation separately was on account of the fact that I find 2345 hours a little amusing. It's not actually a terribly important deliniation otherwise so I don't mind it looking a little funny there... much.
A friend mentioned that he'd like a comments section below so-as to... well... comment upon the comic. While this would likely take a significant deal of additional programming and features compared to the minimalist presentation of the site as I'd originally intended, I thought I might at least add a contact form so people can send comments through which I can then add retroactively so everything is in ISH-o-vision and I can still keep my website lean and mean.
Either that or I could just add a comments section. #overthinking