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Oh Heck: 08 August 2014, 2330 hrs local

     Allow me to introduce you to our first main character. What's his name, you ask? Well, if you wait a page or five I'll probably get to that. In the meantime, you'll just have to wait...
*insert suspense here*.
It's Io. Io Intares. I'll get to that in due time of course but, for the sake of the fact that you have to wait a whole-ish week between updates I figure I can save you the heartache of not knowing what the main character's name is for awhile. My sister is fond of the idea that everything you should need to know about a story, such as its setting, characters and (especially) its plot should all be brought up sometime during the storytelling. I do like that idea for the sake of being thorough, but again the updates are a bit few and far between for the moment so I figured this was one time at least I should do both.
I'm sure you care. Sarcasm concluded.