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Oh Heck: 03 August 2014, 2200 hrs local

     Now that we're finally out of the introductory movement, we can move into the first chapter. I may refer to the chapters as "movements" in that, using the web formats, it won't be so much of a divided chapter except in the archives page, it'll just go from page to page, whereas the focus of the pages may shift markedly from movement to movement. Case in point, we are now no-longer in space as-of the first page of the new movement.
Also, I may be a bit busy this coming week so I'm informing you beforehand that the next update may come a little late next Sunday night, just at the edge of the known weekend (remarkably akin to this update, actually). Thereafter I should be a little better able to predict when I'll be able to work on the coming pages and I'll try to get further ahead of myself so I'm not *always* scrambling to finish the latest update. Then again, I say all this remembering the *disasterous* results which followed the last time I said "I should have more time to work on it...".