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Oh Heck: 23 June 2014, 0130 hrs local

     Originally I was frustrated by how hard it was to find star charts or star maps that I could use as reference to draw in the stars next to the Earth when I discovered through research the fact that stars are not usually visible from the moon during the lunar daytime. As I mentioned in the artists notes on the last page, the moon and the earth are struck by sunlight at roughly the same angle, although the Earth rotates daily around this angle, thus when the light is visible on the Earth, unless it's a full-Earth(New Moon portion of the cycle), the light is also hitting the moon and drowning out the lesser lights of the stars. The waning gibbous Earth seen here shows that significantly less light is hitting the moon at this particular time of day, allowing you to see Venus dimly from just over the horizon.
This reminds me: I should start inking my drawings before I scan them in...