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Oh Heck: January 2015

Oh Heck: 14 December 2014, 1415 hrs local

     Happy new year, friends! Included below is a list of all the news updates from 2014, ordered from latest to earliest! As I've mentioned before, I tend to be a bit of a historian and like to record these sorts of things, however I thought it a good idea to go ahead and truncate the news feed so-as to conserve some space and make it more convenient to read. I actually am somewhat unsure as to whether anyone (other than me, of course) will actually go back through and read this, but that's a debate for another time. Anyway, I'll catch you all later!

     Hello again, friends! I'm happy to say that I'm back with another update (finally). My internet connection can still be problematic most times but my schedule at work is clearing up a bit so I hope to be able to update more regularly now. I'm looking forward to a new year of updates and such; I'm presently discussing plans with a more experienced programmer for a revamp for the website that'll make the HTML simpler for me to work with as we go forward, especially as I'll eventually hope to divide the content into chapters as we progress through it. The design I have now was initiated with a simple goal in mind: clear and universal presentation regardless of device. Theoretically, that's what HTML was supposed to be all about in the first place, but I guess the web developers didn't jump on-board with that at some point. I'll still try to maintain a simple approach, perhaps incorporating some CSS and such into the design, but more on that later. Likewise, more on a comments feature later.
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading the new page as much as I enjoyed making it.
-Heck out

Oh Heck: 24 August 2014, 2330 hrs local

     Hello my valiant readers! Regrettably, I'm pushing this update to denote the fact that I'll be on hiatus for awhile on account of a lack of a regular internet connection. Even this update has taken a surprisingly long amount of time due to the... frail... condition of the local free wifi joint. I will be working on additional pages during the interrim but they won't likely be available until we get the steady internet back to available status. I hope that the days greet you well, and until we meet again: Cheers!
-Heck out.

Oh Heck: 24 August 2014, 2330 hrs local

     Working back towards the correct time of the weekend to update? Well, here's within the window by 30 minutes; that's where to start, right?
More of a rant or whatever to follow after I push this update so-as to make the deadline.
2345 hrs local
Okay, now that I've made the deadline (...ish) I can continue describing my thoughts for this update. To start off with, it's still a little rough because I overslept today by accident so I haven't had as much time to refine it; I'll be getting to that within the next couple of days. I need to do some more work anyway in refining my process by making icons for the Archives page links on account of the fact that I currently feature a link to the originals which each take awhile to load. I know better, I just put it off until later a couple too many times.
I thought about different ways to work the timestamp on this comment; mostly the only reason I timestamped the continuation separately was on account of the fact that I find 2345 hours a little amusing. It's not actually a terribly important deliniation otherwise so I don't mind it looking a little funny there... much.
A friend mentioned that he'd like a comments section below so-as to... well... comment upon the comic. While this would likely take a significant deal of additional programming and features compared to the minimalist presentation of the site as I'd originally intended, I thought I might at least add a contact form so people can send comments through which I can then add retroactively so everything is in ISH-o-vision and I can still keep my website lean and mean.
Either that or I could just add a comments section. #overthinking

Oh Heck: 18 August 2014, 0015 hrs local

     I was fairly sick this weekend and preceding couple of days so I took longer than one would've preferred in pushing this update. Hopefully, though, it's worth the wait?
Sarcasm concluded.

Oh Heck: 17 August 2014, 1930 hrs local

     Hey guys, I don't know if I'll be able to finish tonight's update tonight; I've been sick the last few days. Sorry for the terse update; I'm trying to finish quickly so I can get to work on it just-in-case I can actually finish it anyway and not have to resort to the above image. Apologies.

Oh Heck: 13 August 2014, 0404 hrs local

     Mid-week update solely for the purpose of correcting an issue on Page 5 that was preventing the viewer from advancing to page 6 (I had apparently updated *my* copy of Page 5 back when I added page 6 but that doesn't help internet land now, does it?). Also, while I usually only timestamp my updates accurately to about the 15 minute mark for simplicity's sake, I found it amusing that the time of day when I was updating this was 404.

Oh Heck: 08 August 2014, 2330 hrs local

     Allow me to introduce you to our first main character. What's his name, you ask? Well, if you wait a page or five I'll probably get to that. In the meantime, you'll just have to wait...
*insert suspense here*.
It's Io. Io Intares. I'll get to that in due time of course but, for the sake of the fact that you have to wait a whole-ish week between updates I figure I can save you the heartache of not knowing what the main character's name is for awhile. My sister is fond of the idea that everything you should need to know about a story, such as its setting, characters and (especially) its plot should all be brought up sometime during the storytelling. I do like that idea for the sake of being thorough, but again the updates are a bit few and far between for the moment so I figured this was one time at least I should do both.
I'm sure you care. Sarcasm concluded.

Oh Heck: 03 August 2014, 2200 hrs local

     Now that we're finally out of the introductory movement, we can move into the first chapter. I may refer to the chapters as "movements" in that, using the web formats, it won't be so much of a divided chapter except in the archives page, it'll just go from page to page, whereas the focus of the pages may shift markedly from movement to movement. Case in point, we are now no-longer in space as-of the first page of the new movement.
Also, I may be a bit busy this coming week so I'm informing you beforehand that the next update may come a little late next Sunday night, just at the edge of the known weekend (remarkably akin to this update, actually). Thereafter I should be a little better able to predict when I'll be able to work on the coming pages and I'll try to get further ahead of myself so I'm not *always* scrambling to finish the latest update. Then again, I say all this remembering the *disasterous* results which followed the last time I said "I should have more time to work on it...".

Oh Heck: 27 July 2014, 2030 hrs local

     Sorry it took me so long to update. I could make excuses, or I could just post it; again, I actually am really sorry.

Oh Heck: 13 July 2014, 0430 hrs local

     Double update this week! ...which is a nice way of saying I got caught up with work last week and wasn't able to get it out so I saved it for a double dose this week. Ah, flimsy excuses seldom cease to... well, fizzle. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new update!
...that'll teach me to say "I'm looking forward to having more time" something something.
     Sorry I didn't post this last weekend; suffice it to say it's been a bit hectic.

...what, did you expect me to rant about it?
Also... does anyone have advice on drawing word bubbles which simulate the experience of hearing someone's voice over the intercom? 'cause I seem to find my own attempt here a little... lackluster. Le sigh.

Oh Heck: 29 June 2014, 2030 hrs local

     Just barely making it in by the end of my weekend goal. Unfortunately, I haven't even finished it yet, but hopefully you won't mind its rough-around-the-edges look as I work on finishing it up; in the meantime I intend to post what I have so-as to avoid the no-post weekend. I'm looking forward to having more time this week to work on next week's update, as well as on finishing this week's.

Oh Heck: 23 June 2014, 0130 hrs local

Well, I finally got the second page finished...ish. I hereby reserve the right to go back in and redo the whole thing if for no other reason than to maintain my good image as an overconcerned perfectionist.
With that being said, I do still need to make the icons to go forward and backward from page to page... or at least I intend to even if it isn't a particular *need* however at this time of night and with all the work I have to do in the morning I'll have to cut it here and call it good. Enjoy!

Oh Heck: 16 June 2014, 0230 hrs local

Web hosting acquired. You may have noticed that, despite my best attempts to call it Throwing Stones, this graphic novel will be viewable at secondhandhappiness.com. I may change the name of the novel to Secondhand Happiness as a result of this change (I assume no liability for whatever the dot com website of the originally intended title is actually hosting; the name was already picked by the time I went to register; go figure). Alternatively, I may leave it the way it is and just tell you to deal with it. Time will tell.
I need to remind myself to make the little icons for the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" features. Unlike a lot of comics I see online, I won't be putting a "First Page" button in the center on account of the fact that I have the "Latest Page" and "First Page" functions relegated to the left-hand side of the screen... for now.
...yes, I realize it's still a little rough around the edges. I'm working on it.

Oh Heck: 11 June 2014, 1530 hrs local

     Sorry it's been taking so long to finish updates; I've been caught between school and work more than I would've liked. However, I should have that all settled now to where I hope to post this whole thing this Saturday, assuming I'm able to find a web host before then, after which I intend to begin regular postings on Saturdays for the foreseeable future. Is that how you spell Foreseeable?
Also, I'm trying to come up with a reasonable amount of news updates to post on here at one time; I'm thinking 12 per page and links back to previous groups of 12... again, I'm sometimes an obnoxious historian when it comes to these sorts of things. Anyway, the logic would be a weekly update for 3 months, then redirected to another page so-as to minimize the loading time of the page, although text takes significantly less time to load than many other things.
...okay, I'll go be a good boy now and work on drawing... =)

Oh Heck: 03 June 2014, 0800 hrs local

     While I intend to generally link the latest page from all pages, likewise the first page, I don't think I'll generally post the latest page upon the index page itself, thus allowing the index to serve as just that; the index to the other pages rather than a second place to find the latest page. Updates information and the like will be posted upon the index page, while perhaps I'll make an Archives page later when I begin truncating the news feed but the pages for Throwing Stones itself will only link to each other rather than to whatever update may have occurred between the postings of the pages thereof. I may be a bit of a historian when it comes to the content of updates but I don't want that to interfere with the viewability of the novel. That being said, I decided to make an exception here since the first page being here *is* big enough news that I feel justified in posting it front and center on the newsfeed page as well as everywhere else, at least for the time being.
Edit: (At the time of writing this, I had the first page viewable on the index page, herein lies the commentary on why I did exactly that. Preserved for historical purposes.) -Oh Heck 27 June 2014 1124 hrs local
     It occurs to me that I've set this up with my commentary, identifying myself as Oh Heck, as though someone else might end up posting comments here. I suppose that's somewhat of an unnecessary distinction at this point but, just in-case I do end up posting a comment here from someone else,I figure I might as well keep it as-is so it's easier to follow who said what. Likewise, I also reserve the right to switch text color into traditional ISH-o-vision for further ease of understanding. With that being said, I suppose I should mention that, during the days of the Battle of the Posters I identified myself by the handle Oh Heck, later to be accepted into the group of video gamers known as Team Skulldaisy as Skulldaisy Oh Heck; lately I've been going by my World of Warcraft Avatar's name of Razwhar, so I can understand if my friends from other circles might not know all of that information. I suppose, however, if I've directed you to the site and tell you firsthand that it's mine, you might just put two and two together and find that I am whoever this commentator happens to be. Maybe I don't give people enough credit for their ability to understand the insignificant little bits of information I seem to be fond of extrapolating upon in egregious detail. For that I am sorry.

Oh Heck: 27 May 2014, 0915 hrs local

     When I used to feel nostalgic, I'd look back at my previous attempts at websites and/or webcomics and wonder when last I'd worked on them. The times and dates I'm now beginning again to record here are mostly for that purpose, as well as for the benefits of anyone who's trying to stalk me through the internet; you're welcome. At this point I don't have anything particularly useful to say, but once I do have it all up and running it'll be nice to look back on it and say "Hey, that's my first post; on *MY* first website!". Not my first webpage, mind you; that was long ago and perhaps not very remarkable, in the grand scheme of things (although based on the fluff commentary here, I'm not off to a good start in distinguishing this from it). It won't even be my first attempt to publish my own webcomic; I got frustrated the last time with the lack of accuracy I was able to portray with the use of the tablet alone and I found myself desiring a scanner to bring my pencil-and-paper illuminations to light. Once I had that scanner, of course, I allowed myself to get engrossed in work until now, so the rest is mostly history. I hope to make this time much more memorable.