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Oh Heck: 03 June 2014, 0940 hrs local

     I drew this picture about 6 years ago; this is one that I got the idea for while working in the McDonald's drive through. I will make mention here that my boss was very nice and let me work on my drawings or writings while I was working the drive-through as long as it didn't interfere with the work; he even let me take advantage of some of the receipt paper he otherwise had to throw out for the use of scratch paper. I told him I would reference his kindness when I got my website up and running, so here's to the start of that. Thank you, Patrick. =)
...and yes, reader: I am aware of the fact that Io's (the boy's) left arm clashes with the side of the building, that he should be taller than he appears (though you don't necessarily know that, seeing as you're not aware of the painstakingly minute details I've designed for the world in which they exist), there should be something more than blank canvas in the upper right-hand corner of the sketch and several other semi-critical details. I intend to redo and/or finish this sketch, and soon, although currently I scanned it in mostly so I could have some actual content to work with as I get this site up to functional status.
In short, yes: this is *literally* only here to occupy space until I have some sketch or the other that I think is important enough to put in instead of it; I intend to fill the gallery periodically with that sort of thing and so, in the intervening time, such a sketch was necessary.
In general, I'm going to make an effort to try and keep the number of individual pictures on any given page to a minimum so it doesn't take too long to load. I was thinking about 10 pictures maximum, including icons, but I don't know if I want to go through with that now on account of the fairly substantial number of navigation icons I've been thinking about implementing. That, and 10 is an arbitrarily assigned number and I don't know if it'd actually be a useful benchmark at all. When I get closer to completion I'll try loading the whole thing onto my phone to see if it'll load easily that way; as my phone has significantly less capability than an average computer, I think it's a safe bet that that'd be a more useful benchmark if it doesn't take too long for my phone to load the page.